Great Moments in Jazz.

Some of the best moments in Jazz whether in the United States 60 years ago with John Coltrane or last summer in Johannesburg South Africa, we like to take a moment with our Jazz.

The integral moment that Jazz came to exist in South Africa was one that was born out of love and celebration. The first major Jazz outfit to come out of South Africa was the jumping and jiving, bepopping trio the, “Jazz Epistles”. in the 1950’s.

This group consisted of Hugh Masejak ib trumpet, Kippie Moeetsi on Sax, and Abdullah Ibrahim on the keys. This Legendary group forged the foundation of what would become SAJAZZ!!

South African Jazz was born! And what a great moment it was!!



A Jazz Celebration; All the latest Jazz Festivals and Extravaganza’s!

The world Jazz Circuit currently has a lot of tour dates circulating in the winds. One very special occasion we just got word that the CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Center) is going to be holding a free Jazz Blow Out on Mark 25th 2015. I’m not sure what all the New Year is going to have in store, but one thing I do know for sure is that I will be going to this concert! And you should too, especially since there is no cover charge!

But even thought he first day that kicks off the festival is free of charge, if you have the money, I strongly encourage you to continue on with the rest of this festival, it is a great experience, bringing the best of South African Jazz Musicians onto the same stage alongside some of the best international artists that you could ever see in one setting. This is simply too great an experience to pass up!


Why We Believe In Jazz.

Why we Believe in Jazz.

This is the place  for Jazz now and all the time. Jazz is said to have begun in the United States but the roots of the music are laid down thick in both Africa and Europe.

It was just in the United States that these two cultures came together to create something new.  The fundamental elements of Jazz that were borrowed from West Africa are the heavy emphasis on rhythm, the use of syncopation and other complicated rhythmic figures.  Employing certain call and response patterns, vocal techniques and heavy improvisation were all heavy influences from West African musicians.

These were soon added to European musical features such as incorporated musical forms, harmonic structure, scale, and applied to specific European styled instruments such as the piano.

So this was the foundation of two elements coming together but exactly how did Jazz emerge onto the main stage?  Well, the first main stage for Jazz was located in New Orleans. Louisiana was the state that exemplified the blending of the musical styles more than anywhere else.

One of the very first Jazz prototypes to hit the scene was the Buddy Bolden band in 1895. The music was not quite Jazz yet but it was definitely in the process of developing into it. It wasn’t until 1917 that the first Jazz recording was made and the Jazz Era truly began.

And it has been going strong ever since, this is the history that has not quit and we are still very much enriched to be a part of this experience we call Jazz and that is why we have made this home page to celebrate this astonishing history. It is something that both invigorates and makes us proud. Jazz takes a little bit from everything and it’s history is something that we can all believe in.